Re-Inventing Yourself​
You hold the key to your future.  You make the difference in your journey

Re-Inventing Yourself

Assisting others to see that have value and worth, change is personal and it is a choice.
It is not where you are from, it is about who decide to be now.

Provide a safe place for growth, while assisting individuals in finding the tools they need to successful in their change process.
About Our CEO
D’Adriewne Pickett , LLBSW, MBA, MA, LLPC

D’Adriewne is founder of Re-Inventing Yourself Consultation LLC and My Life Matters Non-Profit organization. She is a recent graduate of Spring Arbor University with her Masters in Counseling. She is interested in non-traditional form of counseling such as aroma therapy, music therapy, energy release, drama, and play therapy. Her current employment is at Community Mental Health where she holds a position as a Developmental Disability Specialist. She has been working for CMH since 2011.

In her current position she oversees a team space at the Day Program, which has three employees and 19 clients aging 18 and up. Her job duties consist of providing case management according to their Personal Centered Plan (PCP). She is responsible for coordinating meetings and providing transportation to Medication Reviews, PCP with their CMH Counselor as well as housing.

My Life Matters has been providing community activities since 2006 with overnight sleepovers for inner city girls, hosting a day event for mothers and daughter developing stronger relationship. The program was designed to motivate and encourage individual that their life matters, their past does not define that and they have no limits in life except the ones they put on themselves.