Re-Inventing Yourself​
You hold the key to your future.  You make the difference in your journey

Re-Inventing Yourself Adult Group

This is a six week program that was developed to walk one through the six steps of change. The program assist in helping a individual understand where they are now, that change is a choice, as well a process.

This program will help the person understand the why behind the change. When a person give the change a purpose, it gives hope for a better outcome and increase the chances of change.

Re-Inventing Yourself is about learning that it is time to locate where we are, so one can determine where they want to go. Time to live on purpose. You Matter!!!

You determine the life you want. You determine your value and worth. You determine You Matter. Invest in yourself, you are your most valuable commodity, that you have. Live on purpose.

​Until you willing to show up for you, nothing else matters you are the determining factor in your journey.

Re-Inventing Yourself Kidz Group

This is a six week program that was developed to assist kids in learning how to process their feeling.  Learning to effectly communicate their want and needs in a manner where others can hear learn them.

This group is broken in three ages

Goals are:

Learn coping mechanisms
De-esaclation tools
Learn communications skills
Decreasing behaviors
Learning to think before acting
Build self-esteem and resilience

Children go through just as much as adults and we want to assist them in receiving the tools they need to be successful.

Lets assist in knowing that they matter, how they think, speak and behavior determines their success.  
They Matter!!!